Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tilapia with White Wine Sauce

Yesterday, when I poached my tilapia with white wine, I proceeded to leave one of the fillets in the pan, while the other more fortunate fillet would be paired with the orange sauce. My apartment buddy decided to taste the lonely fillet in the pan and said it was delicious. At first, I thought it would be bland, but it turned out to be quite savory. The fish melted instantly in my mouth and swam down my throat.

Too bad there isn't a picture for this one because it got destroyed because everyone was digging into it at the stove. There goes my lunch...

If you are short on time, this is a very quick fish to make!
Time: approx 10 minutes

Tilapia with White Wine Sauce

Ingredients of simplicity
1 Tilapia fillet
Salt and pepper
Enough white wine to barely cover the fillet

Prepwork of one step (maybe two)
1. Salt and pepper fillet after drying it.

Cooking up a storm (not really xD)
1. Put olive oil in the pan.
2. Sear the fish for 10 seconds on each side.
3. Turn the heat to low and add in the white wine.
4. Allow the white wine to simmer and not boil!
5. Cook for about 10 minutes on one side or until fish flakes.
6. Remove fish and reduce the white wine until 2 tbs of liquid is left..
7. Drizzle white wine sauce over the fish.

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