Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lunch at Gypsy Cafe on Broxton Ave.

Restaurant Review:
Gypsy Cafe

940 Broxton Ave
(Westwood Village) Los Angeles, CA 90024

Tucked next to the Bruin Mann Theater, near UCLA's campus, Gypsy Cafe has a prime location for food and hookah, attracting many hungry college students.

Businessmen, students, medical workers slide into the restaurant filled with the sweet aroma of fruits and spices from the hookah. On a nice, Californian, sunny day, you see a few customers enjoying the Westwood scenery on the sidewalk, while smoking hookah and enjoying their kabobs. Step into the restaurant, you would be sent into a rustic world. The clay tile floor, large wood framed windows, and wooden chairs provide a Mediterranean feel with the addition of Spanish guitar music quietly droning in the background. Though, on the downside, the LCD televisions, were out of place by playing hip-hop music videos without the music.

For lunch and dinner, Gypsy cafe offers a specials menu with a variety of sandwiches, kabobs plates with rice and salad, and pastas. The open kitchen serves excellent kabobs with a side of hummus, rice, and salad. The meat is juicy and well-seasoned without an overpowering flavor of herbs and spices. The hummus is a bit watered down, but the pita bread is thin, delicious, and well-baked. Both items produce a good combination with the rice and kabob.

With the addition to the tasteful food, the wait staff is friendly, quick, and efficient. The meal was quickly made and sent to my table in less than 10 minutes, which is quite fast for a busy restaurant.

Review Rating: 3.0/5.0
Menu prices ranges from $7 to $20

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