Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How to Get Dorm Food

Another long day at work and more meetings. Not much to say today. I am investing in a D-SLR camera. I will probably get a Canon 20D with a 50 mm f/1.8 lens for my food pictures and other cool shots.

Being a lazy college student during midterm, I decided to hitch dorm food from my friend Richard's little brother. Free food is always good xD.

Dorm Food

1. Ask Richard for dorm food.
2. Richard asks his little brother for dorm swipes.
3. His brother swipes us food and leaves without eating with us xD
4. Get food and enjoy UCLA dorm food buffet.

Dorm food this year is surprisingly good. I had some baked salmon, creme brulee imitation, and salad.

Clarification for those who do not know how the UCLA dorm food system works.
For the dining halls (buffet style), a meal swipe is used to get into the buffet. Each quarter students have a total number of swipes they can use.

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  1. luckeeeeeeey. they had creme brulee? i'd swipe you.. but >: i don't have premiere. SORRY! <3