Monday, February 8, 2010

Chicken with Almond Sage Mushroom Sauce

Hello few people that read my blog.. I failed my midterm today on water resources : (, but that's alright because I think everyone else failed since there was not enough time to finish all the problems and check over my work.

After I took my test, I thought of why I have not heard of anyone putting together almonds, sage, and mushrooms.

So... to the test kitchen!

Chicken with Almond Sage Mushroom Sauce (quite a mouthful)

1 Chicken quarter (leg and thigh)
5 Crimini mushrooms or white mushrooms
1/2 Shallot
1/3 cup Chicken stock
1/4 cup Cream
1/4 cup White wine
1/8 Almond slivers (or less depends on how much crunch texture you want)
1 tbs sage
1 tbs Maple syrup
salt and pepper

1. Slice the mushrooms really thinly
2. Slice shallots
3. Salt and pepper chicken
4. Preheat oven for 425F

Directions for cooking and not fail
1. Put oil in an ovenproof skillet.
2. Throw in chicken skin side down
3. Let chicken cook until skin gets crispy
4. Turn over the chicken and slightly brown the other side
5. After slightly browning the chicken put in shallots and white wine
6. Throw the chicken into the oven for 15-20 minutes.

Directions for the sauce
1. Throw in a tiny amount of butter enough to cover the bottom (about 1 tbs)
2. Toss in the mushrooms and cook until soft
3. Put chicken stock, cream, salt and pepper, almonds, maple syrup, and sage
4. Reduce the sauce until sauce-like viscosity
5. Taste to see if need more sweetness or savory taste (add more syrup if you want more sweet tasting sauce)
6. Serve with the chicken and Bon Appetite as Julia Child would state.

The dish turned out exceptionally well, better than I expected. I use to hate the taste of sage, but now I have found some good use for it.

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  1. don't tell me you failed your midterm because you were thinking about almonds, sage, and mushrooms...