Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What are essential ingredients in my pantry?

The other day, my co-workers were interested in the essentials in my kitchen that I absolutely must have or else all hell will break loose. Well, below is an image of my giant spice cabinet, and no, you do not need every single one of those dried herbs and spices. Whatever is in there are items that I would maybe use once or twice or bought because I thought it was interesting and may save for some mysterious creation.

So... let me begin with flavoring agents that I must have....
1. Onions - ah the tears!
2. Garlic - scare vampires away
3. Wine - red and white cheap wines from Trader Joes
4. Garlic powder - in case im too lazy to mince my garlic
5. Soy sauce - every Asian requirement
6. Salt - for the high sodium content in your bloodstream
7. Pepper - for throwing at bad guys trying to get you
8. Red chili powder - just kicks up the flavor a notch
9. Corn starch or flour for thickening sauce
10. Butter - because it tastes so good!
11. Eggs - essential for quick meals or a snack.

With those items, well... you can make amazing things!

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