Friday, July 8, 2011

Yong Kang Beef Noodle Soup Shop 永康牛肉麵

Once again ... I am in Taiwan. Work has been pretty exciting though. I'm researching new techniques for designing green roads and eco friendly roads because my company's new project is near a really eco sensitive area and does not want to disturb the habitats.

Well. Of course, in Taiwan ... what is there to do??? Well, to eat and lets see to eat and more to eat. Let me start off with one of my favorite places to go and most favorite dishes to eat: Beef Noodle Soup.

This soup is delicious and can be spicy at times, but my god even if its 10000 degrees outside, I can still eat a bowl of beef noodle soup or 牛肉麵 niu rou mian as I would pronounce it with my horrible romanized Chinese.

Yong Kang Beef Noodle Soup Shop 永康牛肉麵

It rained on my lens : (
No. 17, Lane 31, Jinshan S. Rd., Sec.2

So... after a long dreaded hike in the rain and probably walking around in circles around Chaing Kai Shek Memorial Hall, I finally reached the big yellow sign that has my favorite beef noodles. For starters I get the steam hog spare ribs as they translate it in English. It is rice with some pork ribs and super delicious and flavorful.

Random Pork Rice Thing

And as I ate the rice with pork, the star of my meal arrived. BEEF NOODLE SOUP! Deliciousness. I'll tell you why it is delicious. First, the beef flavor was really delicious! Second, the noodles were very springy and QQ (as they would call it in Taiwan). Third, the spicy level was just right. Ah I can eat 100 bowls of this and not get sick of it.

Beef Noodle Soup

So... next time you visit Taiwan, this is one place to go to for beef noodle soup.

For beef noodle soup recipe:
Here's a link to my recipe.

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  1. I love beef noodle soup. love, love, love. I'm sorta jealous right now.