Sunday, July 24, 2011

Chin Chin Cafe (part 1)

What is there to do on a Sunday morning in Taipei?
a) Do tai chi in the park like a tai chi master.
b) Play tennis with the locals and swing the racquet like playing badminton.
c) Find food and get lost in Taipei.
d) Sleep in and dream about food.

I choose "c" because I just like finding places to eat in the gluttonous city (as Time magazine calls Taipei).

From my friend's (Judy) suggestion, I proceeded to find Chin Chin Cafe and got lost on the bus system. After walking around and asking around. I finally arrived at the glorious, bright, white, and shiny (it was really bright outside -_-) destination after 1 hour 37 minutes and 48 seconds of getting lost and getting business cards of various places that I might eat in the future.

Chin Chin Cafe (part 1)
106 Taiwan台北市大安區復興南路一段107巷5弄6號1樓
Tel: (02)8773-6601

The glorious entrance to deliciousness

What a nice interior. Really clean looking and simple.

You must be wondering about why it is part 1?

I went there believing that I would be eating giant toast.

So... if I didn't get toast....
What did I get???
Instead, I got a cheese tuna panini because the toast is also HUGE, and I would like to share the large, sweetness of awesome with people.

I guess this can be considered toast of some sorts.
By definition, the bread was crunchy like toast and has slight burn marks on it, but this was a panini.

It reminds me of the late nights studying and getting panini from Cafe 1919 at UCLA, but this panini was 10x better.
It had a nice honey mustard taste that went well with the caramelized onions, tuna, and strong cheese. Also, this portion can definitely be shared with two people. I think I paid 180 for it, and the panini was definitely worth it.

There was also a mini salad by it. I think they put a little too much dressing in it. I would ask for dressing on the side next time.

In addition, to the waitress' suggestion, I got their house special iced coffee. It was a bit too creamy for me, but nevertheless good enough that I have the aroma of coffee in my face.

Well, be ready for part 2 in the upcoming week. I'll be getting giant toast. What is giant toast? Well, you'll just have to wait and see.

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