Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dumpling Shop (ハ方雲集) in Zhongxiao Dunhua Underground Food Court

On the MRT approaching Zhongxiao Dunhua Station, squished by tons of people during rush hour, low on cash, and hungry...
Where the hell do I go eat in Taipei that i can spend less than 100 NT and get super full/satisfied?
Well... actually there are a lot of places, but based on the equation in my head:
MRT station+hunger+distance to food + cheap + deliciousness = dumpling shop in the MRT Station.

There's actually a lot of these places around Taipei. Around 5-7 NT per fried (鍋貼 grr-whoa t-yeahh) or boiled dumpling (水餃 she-way gee-ow). Yes, I don't know ping ying or w/e the hell they call it. I find if you take known words and make them into Chinese it's a lot easier to pronounce than guo tie (wtf tie?) or shui jiao (swee? i guess jiao is easy).

Here's a small video about learning tones.

(ハ方雲集) Dumpling Store at Zhongxiao Dunhua Underground Mall

Store front (it's across from the ramen shop near the beginning of the MRT underground food court also called Happiness Street)

Menu Front (Sorry >< bad menu picture but everyone was staring at me at that point because I took a lot of pictures)

So... The yellow dumplings are 7 NT and are curry dumplings. The redish hue ones are korean spicy dumplings for I think 5 NT. The rest are just regular pork dumplings. They also offer seafood dumplings for 7 NT.

They also sell three types of soups. Unfortunately ran out of creamed corn soup : (, so I got hot and sour soup, which is also really good with the dumplings. The other soup they have is fish ball soup.

Deliciousness all done ^_^ for 125 NT (went over a bit the 100 NT to try the Korean dumpling and get something to drink). They also have soy milk and black sesame soy milk, which is pictured on the bottom left corner.

So... If your ever in a hurry or need something cheap to eat, you can find these shops around Taipei.

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