Monday, July 2, 2012

Tim & Mel Patisserie and Bistro

Once again, I am in Taipei. Doing what? To EAT of course ^_^. Because I have such a sweet tooth, I went to find a place with macarons. As recommended from Hungry Girl in Taipei, this place seems like it would be a great place for afternoon tea....

Rating: 5/10: Palatable but not superb. 

Tim & Mel Patisserie and Bistro (Part 1: Desserts)
No. 39, Alley 4, Lane 345, Section 4, Rén'ài Rd, Daan District

photo courtesy of Hungry Girl in Taipei

When my friend and I arrived, the cafe seemed like it can only hold about 15 people. It's a pretty small shop where most of its customers get take out pastries. The small bistro offers lunch, dinner, and afternoon tea. My friend and I decided to get the afternoon tea set for about 300 NT.

For 300 NT this is what you get:

A choice of main dessert: We choose the raspberry chocolate mousse tart.

This is the interior of the tart: 
It was pretty decent and very light tart, though I would have preferred the tart to be a bit more crisp instead of a hardened cake. The mousse part had a pretty delicious chocolate taste and contrasted nicely with the nuts. 

A macaron: Yuzu macaron in the pictures above
You can also get a single macaron for 65 NT.
We also got green tea and sesame macarons.

I will probably get a bunch of OOOOOooooo loook macarons they look so delicious!! But don't judge a dessert by its picture. Usually for macarons, I should be able to slice it easily with a butter knfie and even break it apart easily with my hands. These ... unfortunately were super chewy so it was very difficult to cut with a knife to split with my friend. The flavor of the shells were pretty good, but the texture just made it a below mediocre macaron. As in the comments in Hungry Girl in Taipei, I have to agree that these are worse than the failcarons I have made. 

The tea set also included a sort of flan but panna cotta like item. This was perhaps the highlight of the meal. I just wanted to eat many of these. It was very creamy and had a very very good texture.

The rest of the items were not worth taking pictures of: a caramel cookie, which was a bit stale and a madeleine that was not that buttery and bit too lemony as if I was eating a lemon cookie. I do not approve :(. 

As someone that trained in France, Pastry Chef Melissa Chang does not deliver. Maybe the pastries were not fresh or had a bad day. I will go again to try their main courses and pastries. 

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  1. thanks for the shout out.. apparently Melissa Chang doesn't work for TM Bistro anymore, and hasn't since around the time of my review.. she opened up her own place around the corner called Tartine. if you're looking for good macarons, try Patisserie La Douceur- my fave in Taipei or the salted caramel at Patisserie Sadaharu Aoki